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Haul-All Equipment Systems is a leading manufacturer of refuse, recycling, and organics storage, collection, and transfer equipment. We specialize in bear and animal proof refuse, recycling and organics containers; multi-purpose and multi-material collection vehicles; and self-contained modular transfer systems. Our products are built to last, with high quality materials and components sourced here in Canada and the United States.

In 1931, when Mr. John J. Neufeldt converted a small cow shed into a blacksmith shop, he could not have imagined what it would eventually become.

Today, Haul-All is a fourth generation company with a complete line of solid waste and recycling containers, collection vehicles and transfer stations.

"Haul-All" - one of the first side load compaction vehicles in the industry and a concept that has become the benchmark for efficiency (pictured above, now the M-Class).

Four other core products that were developed include the Hid-A-Bag, a waste container; the semi-automated Hyd-A-Way, the original animal proof container; the Transtor, a rapid cycle modular transfer station; and the Super Curbster, a one-person collection vehicle designed for front street and narrow lane pick-up.

In the 1990's, Haul-All adapted its semi-automated container for recycling applications. The result was a recyclable collection system that consistently achieves curbside diversion at 70 percent less than the cost of curbside collection. With contamination rates lower than one-percent, the Haul-All Recycling System became the industry benchmark for efficiency and quality. Many communities continue to rely on this innovative approach to waste diversion.

Haul-All Equipment is a company that has evolved with the times, continuing to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. Looking toward the future, Haul-All will continue to do what it has always done, provide quality products and service that consumers demand and deserve.


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