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Haul-All Equipment Systems is a leading manufacturer of refuse, recycling, and organics storage, collection, and transfer equipment. We specialize in bear and animal proof refuse, recycling and organics containers; multi-purpose and multi-material collection vehicles; and self-contained modular transfer systems. Our products are built to last, with high quality materials and components sourced here in Canada and the United States.

Haul-All Equipment specializes in the design, manufacture, sale and support of waste and recycling systems including storage containers, collection vehicles and transfer stations.

Haul-All is an innovative company with over 30 patents and trademarks to its name. We like to joke that, we're not sure if Haul-All is a manufacturing company that has an outstanding engineering department or an engineering company that happens to manufacture! This is because we offer exceptional quality while also being known for pioneering many firsts in the industry.

At Haul-All Equipment, we have a well established research and development department dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the problems of waste, recycling and organics management.

For example, Haul-All pioneered the design of bear/ animal resistant waste containers. Many companies in the industry now use our legendary gravity-assisted "bear-proof" latch. Haul-All was also a pioneer in the design and promotion of one-man side loading collection vehicles. The concept of our famous Model 10 is still used today and marketed as the M-Class multi-purpose truck, the most versatile collection vehicle on the market. Haul-All also pioneered a low cost regional transfer system known as the Transtor. Combined with a high compaction transfer trailer, the Transtor system achieves operational efficiency and the lowest life cycle cost under many regional transfer scenarios.

In terms of waste diversion, Haul-All developed the Twister, an auger-style compaction device that can densify plastic bottles to achieve efficient payloads. More recently Haul-All has focused its research and development in the area of organics collection. The result is the industry's first sloped-floor hopper which facilitates flow of liquids into the compaction body, maximizing packer service life. We call it the CompPak.

Haul-All is also known for its aesthetic designs. A perfect example is the Hid-A-Bag. So unique and recognizable is the shape, the Hid-A-Bag has been awarded a trade-mark in Canada and the United States. It even has its own fan club...seriously!

Haul-All's sales department is also unique - we focus on finding solutions that are right for you. We won't sell you something unless it makes sense. To achieve this, our team is always ready to provide financial models of anticipated capital and operating expenses. These models take into consideration variables such as - material density - anticipated volumes - size of collection vehicle - hauling distance - commodity values - interest rates and depreciation.

In addition to the sale and support of products manufactured at Haul-All Equipment, we also offer sales and support of products manufactured by BearSaver, Securr, Wayne Engineering, and SwapLoader.

With over 35 years of experience in the waste industry, we look forward to setting industry standards in the years to come.


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