BearTight ContainmentHaul-All recognizes the importance of using animal proof equipment in shared wilderness locations and has over 30 years of experience designing and testing bear resistant containers.

We manufacture receptacles and semi-automated containers for waste and Food Storage Lockers that are proven to keep all animals out, thanks to our legendary bear proof latch, sturdy construction, tight tolerances, use of concrete pads and anchoring systems.

Dr. Stephen Herrero, a world renowned bear specialist has publicly endorsed the Hyd-A-Way, stating "This single product has done more to save the lives of bears and people than any single thing I can think of."

Haul-All manufactures the only animal proof containers with over 15 years of proven service. Haul-All containers are trusted by municipalities, highways and over 250 national, provincial and state parks across Canada and the United States and we are committed to maintaining that trust through continued innovation and unparalleled service.

The paper, "The Importance of Infrastructure Development in Shared Wilderness Locations" quantifies the economic benefits that accrue from the installation of an animal proof garbage system.

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