Waste Reduction Week in Canada runs October 15th to 21st for 2018, but our efforts and achievements continue year-round. Keep reading below to find out what Haul-All does to reduce waste through operations, in the office, and to help our customers and communities!



Haul-All reduces waste by manufacturing durable, long-lasting containers, collection vehicles, and transfer equipment.

Our Containers are more resistant to damage during manufacturing, scratching and corrosion in the field because they're made with galvanneal and stainless steel. Galvanneal steel containers are primed and painted with powder coat for a thick, dense finish, which is more durable and long lasting than liquid paint, and riveted together to maximize service life. You will often see our containers still looking great after a decade or two. Check out our Hid-A-Bag Challenge to see the proof!

Haul-All Collection Vehicles are built to the same high quality standards as our containers, with a powder paint primer coat and rustproofing for superior rust resistance. The M-Class can be purchased with an optional preventative maintenance kit to preserve service life and extend factory warranty. It is not uncommon to see units still in service that are over 10 years old.


We have reduced use of paper across all of our marketing efforts. Our sales department primarily utilitizes digital marketing materials, however when printed brochures, spec sheets, or other materials are required they are printed in-house on demand. Direct mail, fax, and print advertising have given way to our website, email, and social media campaigns to provide customers with information about our products and promotions.


Large containers like the Hyd-A-Way and CFL6 can be nested, the Transtor and Hid-A-Meal Cache can be knocked-down, and small containers like the Hid-A-Bag can be crated for transport to reduce the required number of loads by ratio of up to 5:1, maximizing freight efficiency to minimize greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and shipping costs for our customers!



Used containers and collection bodies can often be refurbished to look like new and extend service life, or even modified for altered applications. The Hyd-A-Way pictured here was refurbished into a three-stream recycling unit along with many others to meet a customer's changing needs

Even some of our new containers utilize recycled material! The poly "wood" siding option available on our Discovery, Freedom and Hid-A-Bag containers is made of plastic from recycled plastic bottles!



Many office and shop supplies like cardboard boxes, scrap paper, and shipping pallets are reused wherever possible (and recycled when not). We even use reclaimed powder coat paint as primer to reduce paint waste!



Batteries, beverage containers, cardboard, electronics, paper, and scrap metal all get collected and recycled!

Now that you know what we do in our business to reduce waste, read on to find out what we offer our customers to help them reduce waste too!


All of our Containers can be configured for the collection and storage of recycling and organic refuse streams. Many have two and three compartment models available, like the triple Hid-A-Bag pictured here, while others can be placed side-by-side. The containers pictured below provide examples of each.



Collection Vehicles like the M-Class, Super Curbster, and RP-Series can be built to collect multiple refuse streams. Other units like our CompPak and OmniPak can be used to collect co-mingled recycleables or one sorted stream at a time. Examples of each are pictured below.

A variety of options are available to increase efficiency of each of our Collection Vehicles, like auto-grease systems, hybrid regeneration systems, natural gas fuel, and even electric powered chassis!



Haul-All Transtors can be configured to collect co-mingled or dedicated recycling streams. Combined with a Compaction Trailer, this system optimizes regional transfer efficiency when transporting to distant material recovery facilities (MRFs). See the pictures below for some examples.


Thank you for reading about Haul-All's commitment to waste reduction in our business and for our customers. Contact us today to find out which products are right for your application.

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