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The only waste container with a fan club, seriously.

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The Hid-A-Bag has made such an impression on the world that people everywhere have demanded we start a fan club for this prince of waste containers. So here it is, and you can even own your own too!

Want to join the club? No purchase necessary and you will even get to own one a mini of your own.

How to Join

Snap a photo of yourself (or get someone else to, that might be easier) posing next to your favourite aesthetically-pleasing Hid-A-Bag container, then click the button below to upload a .jpg file and complete our membership application.

Once your application is approved, we will send you a membership package which includes a frameable certificate and a laminated membership card to evidence your membership at your convenience and pleasure. You will also receive a gift voucher which you can use to purchase swag at our online merch store!

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Newest Members

Ryan C
James B
Jennifer C
Jodie H
Whitney B
Natalie H
Jake A
Dylan S
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